What makes a dance performance great???  Energy, radiant movement, inspiring choreography, the right music, exciting costumes, lighting, interesting venues, engaged audiences, staging, sets, direction… the list goes on.  When putting on a show, the goal is to create the best possible product, one that truly moves the audience.  The beginnings of a dance piece, however, are relatively humble. 

Today I am video sharing some of my process.  When a piece moves from the mind to the studio, the ideas merge with the movement, and the music joins the dancers.  In this case the dancer is talented, beautiful, recent Howard University graduate Lailah Duke.  Our themes:  standards, images and Instagram.  Inspired by a piece of music in my collection, the choreography evolved through playing with movement, conversations, and, ultimately, Lailah's engaging style and openness. In the coming months this piece will be enhanced, cut, critiqued and polished.  For now, I thank Lailah for sharing the beauty of the raw beginnings with me.